The Church Defends the Dignity of Man

2011-11-07 Vatican Radio

“The Church does not defend its own interests, but the dignity of man”, said Pope Benedict XVI on Monday as he received the Letters of Credence from the new ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany to the Holy See, Reinhard Schweppe.

In his message the Holy Father recalled his recent visit to his native land and offered a reflection on the contribution that Christianity can give to a pluralistic society such as Germany. The Pope said people are "seeking the truth” and that therefore, Christians are called to bear witness to the truth in their personal, family and community life.

In particular the Churches’ duty is to "defend the dignity of man" when "is put at risk". Today he noted “the fundamental values of human existence” are once again being called into question again.
"Only a society that unconditionally respects and defends the dignity of every person, from conception to natural death – said Pope Benedict - can be called a humane society". If, however, society decides to "select its members most in need of protection" it "would be behaving in a profoundly inhumane manner”. Moreover added the Pope, such a society would no longer be credible from the perspective of the equality of dignity of all people in every stage of life, evident to every person of good will. "

[Emphasis Added]