New Saint Josemaría Escrivá Adult Formation Program

Saint Josemaría Escrivá Adult Formation Program
At Saint Peter and Paul Parish
Mission: The mission of the Saint Josemaría Escrivá Adult Formation Program is to assist lay men and women to deepen their personal relationship with Christ by providing classes, bible studies, presentations and events that seek to increase their knowledge and love of the Catholic Faith.

Patron Saint – St. Josemaría Escrivá:
With supernatural intuition, [Saint] Josemaria untiringly preached the universal call to holiness and apostolate. Christ calls everyone to become holy in the realities of everyday life.”
- Pope John Paul II in his homily at the beatification of Saint Josemaria

St. Josemaría was a priest from Spain, who lived from 1902 – 1975, and dedicated his whole priesthood to serving the laity and constantly stressed the importance of holiness no matter what vocation God has called you to.  A person can become a Saint in anything that he or she does, whether a father or a mother of a family, an office worker, or even a truck driver. It doesn’t matter what you do, so long as you offer it to God.


By learning more about Christ, we can draw closer to Him, entering into a deeper relationship with Him.  We cannot love someone who we do not know. To quote Saint Jerome:  “Ignorance of Scriptures, is ignorance of Christ.” Therefore, let us open not only Sacred Scripture, but also Sacred Tradition, so that we can learn more about Christ and fall in love with Him.

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