Pope Reflects on Dieing in Hope

2011-11-07 Vatican Radio

Pope Benedict XVI’s midday Angelus reflections this Sunday returned once again to the subject of death, one that is often obscured from contemporary culture, but one that nonetheless pervades everyday life.
In explaining the meaning of the Gospel and readings the Holy Father noted that the difference between believers and nonbelievers on death “is definitive”, because those who believe in the God who is Love “live and die in hope”.

This, he added, is an important point particularly in today’s world: “If we remove God, if we take away Christ, the world will fall back into the void and darkness. And this is also reflected in the expressions of contemporary nihilism, an often subconscious nihilism that unfortunately plagues many young people”.

True wisdom Pope Benedict said means “taking advantage of our mortal life to carry out works of mercy, because, after our death, it will no longer be possible. When we are reawakened for the Last Judgment, it will be based on the love we practiced in our earthly life (cf. Mt 25,31-46). And this love is the gift of Christ, poured out in us by the Holy Spirit. Those who believe in God who is Love carry within an invincible hope, like a lamp with which to cross the night after death, and reach the great celebration of life”.

[Emphasis Added]