Marching for Life 2012: The Story of SSPP Parishioners Defending Life

By Mr. Phil Kosloski
   Today 20 students and 4 chaperones embark on the long journey to Washington DC to give a voice to the voiceless. We will board a bus this morning to begin our roughly 20 hour bus ride that is a part of a much larger group from the Diocese of La Crosse. In all we have 203 people traveling in our group from all corners of the Diocese. Groups that ride in our four busses come from almost every Catholic High School as well as many parishes from the area. Later today we are joining all of the youth from across Wisconsin in Milwaukee for a Pro-Life Youth Rally.  This youth rally, called IGNITE, will have present hundreds of youth from across our state who are on their way to Washington DC.  We will be joined in prayer with Archbishop Jerome Listecki who will celebrate Mass for us at the Archbishop Cousins Center. This is great news to hear as many times we can get pessimistic about the apparent darkness that has enveloped our country. In fact, the youth of our day are even more pro-life than any other recent generation! For example, a recent Gallup Poll found 47% of American youth between 18-29 years old supported a “pro-life” view while 45% supported a “pro-choice” view with 8% responding that they did not know. As you can see, the tide is turning in the young people of America!
You can see as well in the video below the enthusiasm for protecting life among college students. I highly encourage you to watch the video to see the good news! I can assure you, your spirits will be lifted after watching this short video.

   However, while this may be true, we still have a long way to go to protect the unborn. Abortion is still legal and thousands of babies are killed and thousands of women are taking advantage of and are forced to have abortions. What more then can we do?This is a topic I hope to explore in the next few days as we attend the various events in Washington DC. There are certainly many things we can do, but what is the most effective? I hope to offer my thoughts in the coming days.

Mr. Phil Kosloski is the Director of Adult Formation and Liturgy at SS Peter and Paul Church.