Sean Duffy and the March for Life

To finish up the posts about the March for Life, I will post a recap of Sunday night's talks and a summary of the March on Monday.

First off, Congressman Sean Duffy and his wife Rachel visited our group in our hotel on Sunday night. Both Sean and Rachel gave excellent speeches encouraging us in the fight for life. The young students were inspired by this young couple, for they were on MTV's Real World at one point in their lives and yet are still faithful Catholics. Sean Duffy particularly talked about the Pro-Life House of Representatives and how there are so many good things happening in the House. Their six children were also there and were a further witness to the sanctity of life.

After they gave their short speeches, a fellow pilgrim gave her witness to Life coming from the Ukraine. She explained her new apostolate called "Chalice of Mercy," where she is trying to bring the Light of Christ into the Ukraine. You can learn more about this exciting apostolate here:

On Monday, we first made our way to the Verizon Center for a large Youth Rally and Mass. There were about 20,000 youth in attendance, with several Cardinals, Bishops and over 200 priests. All of the students were encouraged by the sheer number of young people in support of Life and helped them to be confirmed in their faith.

After the Rally, we joined the March for Life around the Capital building to the Supreme Court House. While the news media only mentioned thousands of protestors, there were in reality over 400,000 in attendance. Here are the pictures to prove it:

Lastly, before we left, we were invited to stop over by the office of Congressman Sean Duffy. He organized for a room to be available for all the Wisconsin pilgrims to stop by for hot chocolate and to listen to a few speakers. Those speakers included EWTN's Raymond Arroyo, Live Action Film's Lila Rose and several fellow Congressmen from Wisconsin. It was a beautiful thing to see so many Pro-Life Congressmen from our State (like Paul Ryan and Jim Sensenbrenner) and to hear from leaders in the Pro-Life movement.

Overall, the trip was a grand success and it proves that every year we are gaining ground in the Pro-Life movement. We pray that we won't have to go to Washington DC next year, but if we do, we will bring even more young people to witness to Life.

What can we do to turn the tide? Besides all the things already mentioned, we must pray and act. With God's help we must witness to Life every day and vote for those in office who support that basic right.