Touring DC

Today, we ventured out and took in the historic sites of Washington DC. We started out our day back at the Basilica and participated in Holy Mass with hundreds of other youth from around the country who have come here for the March for Life. Bishop Joseph Cistone from the Diocese of Saginaw celebrated Mass and gave an inspiring homily on the need to act in the Pro-Life movement. He compared our situation to that of Jonah in the First Reading and how we are prophets who are sent out into the city of Washington DC to call people to repentance.

After Mass, we prayed in front of Planned Parenthood even though it is closed on Sundays. The particular Planned Parenthood we prayed at was only a few blocks away from the White House. We prayed a rosary and a few other prayers for the closing of all abortion centers.
After that we visited the White House, the Air and Space Museum, the Washington Monument, the WWII Memorial and the Vietnam Memorial. Another group visited a few of the other museums. It was a long day of walking, but the students seemed to enjoy the time in the big city.

Tonight we still have a few speakers, including Congressman Sean Duffy and his wife, Rachel. They are both very Catholic and very Pro-Life. Here is his website for more information on him: I will post a synopsis of his talk when I have the time.

Tomorrow, we will be attending the youth rally and Mass at the Verizon Center, the actual March for Life, and then back on the bus to head home. The Verizon Center holds roughly 20,000 people and it will be packed tomorrow with youth from all around the country in support of Life. As a last reflection, since you won't hear about us on the news tomorrow, here is a video that explains why the media does not cover the March for Life year after year: