New Website Design

After launching our parish website in 2009, I wasn't sure how popular it would be. Yet, as of today this website has received 64,213 pageviews. 

Not only that, but this website has had visitors from 10 different countries with the United States being the top and Ukraine coming in second. France is a solid third. 

We live in a digital age and fewer and fewer parishioners are taking bulletins. In the past few years we have seen a significant increase in parishioners, but our bulletin count is going down every year. I have lowered the number of bulletins we receive, but there are still more and more bulletins that we have to throw away. 

As a result, I have refocused my efforts to put the parish website on my priority list. It is a most effective tool for getting the word out about events, but also for catechetical uses. Some of the most popular posts on this blog are those articles concerning different topics of the faith.

So, look forward to new, fresh and regular content on our parish website.

In Christ,
Philip Kosloski
Director of Adult Faith Formation & Sacred Liturgy