‘Angel of Dachau’ Declared Martyr by Pope Francis

‘Angel of Dachau’ Declared Martyr by Pope Francis VATICAN CITY — Father Engelmar Unzeitig, a young priest with Czech roots serving in Germany and Austria, was arrested by the Nazis on April 21, 1941.

His crime? Preaching against the Third Reich from his pulpit, particularly against their treatment of the Jewish people. He encouraged his congregation to be faithful to God and to resist the lies of the Nazi regime.

As punishment, Father Unzeitig was sent to what has been called the “largest monastery in the world”: Dachau concentration camp, which became renowned for the number of ministers and priests within its walls...Read more

Pope Francis: ‘We Can Be Mediators of Mercy VATICAN CITY — On Wednesday, Pope Francis renewed his appeal for the faithful to put the works of mercy into practice during the jubilee, urging them to open their hearts to others and to show God’s tenderness to those who suffer.

In his Jan. 27 general audience, the Pope recounted how “Divine Mercy had saved” the biblical figure of Moses from death in the waters of the Nile as a newborn infant...Read more