Pope Francis: May We Keep Our Gaze ‘Fixed on the Crucified’

Pope Francis: During Lent, May We Keep Our Gaze ‘Fixed on the Crucified’ -VATICAN CITY — In his Ash Wednesday homily, Pope Francis said that Lent is the perfect time to let go of selfish and indifferent attitudes, returning to God with the help of prayer, penance and acts of charity. “Lent is a beneficial time of pruning from falsity, from worldliness, from indifference: to not think that everything is okay if I am okay; to understand that what counts is not approval, the pursuit of success or consensus, but purity of heart and life,” the Pope said Feb. 10....Read more

Pope on Ash Wednesday: Mercy Involves Generosity - VATICAN CITY — For Pope Francis, mercy is something that ought to be expressed in concrete acts of service and in sharing one’s goods with the poor, which was a key tradition during jubilee years throughout Scripture. Referring to the current Year of Mercy, the Pope explained that the jubilee is time “for conversion, so that our hearts can become bigger, more generous, more like a child of God, with more love.” “But I tell you that if the jubilee doesn’t arrive to the pockets, it’s not a true jubilee,” he said, adding: “This is in the Bible; it’s not the Pope who invented this.”...Read more