Pope Francis: Mercy Can Heal Wounds and Change Course of History

Pope: Mercy Can Heal Wounds and Change Course of History VATICAN CITY — On Wednesday, Pope Francis cautioned that unless wealth and power are put at the service of society, especially the poor, they risk becoming instruments of corruption, private interests and various forms of abuse.
“Wealth and power are realities that can be good and useful for the common good, if they are put at the service of the poor and of everyone, with justice and charity,” the Pope said Feb. 24.
However, when they are lived “as a privilege with egoism and power, as too often happens, they are transformed into instruments of corruption and death.”...Read more

Pope to Curia: ‘We Are Called Upon to Be God’s Collaborators’ VATICAN CITY — Pope Francis celebrated the feast of the Chair of St. Peter with a reflection and Mass for members of the Roman Curia, during which he told them to be faithful in their work and to keep their eyes on Christ.

“May our thoughts and our gaze be fixed on Jesus Christ, the beginning and end of every action of the Church. He is the foundation, and no one may lay another,” the Pope told members of the Curia Feb. 22.

He recalled the “expressive words” used by St. Augustine, who wrote that, although the Church is agitated and disturbed by the upheavals of history, she “does not fall down, because she is built on stone, from which Peter’s name is derived.”...Read more