Don't Forget to Feast!

While we seem to always remember to fast during Lent, few realize that the fasting we do is in preparation for the great feasting of Easter.

As Catholics, we know that our short lives on earth are a preparation for eternity and fasting is one way to prepare for our eternal home. However, in the process we forget that our ultimate hope of Heaven is not at all linked with fasting. In fact, it is the exact opposite; Heaven is referred to as the "Wedding Feast of the Lamb."

Now, feasting on earth does not mean gorging ourselves so much that we get sick. To feast as a Catholic means to enjoy the wonderful fruits of the earth with family and friends in a way that does not put the focus on food, but on the celebration.

Easter is a time to celebrate; it is a time to rejoice in the beauty and glory of the Resurrection. It is a time where we eagerly anticipate the joys of Heaven that Christ won for us on the cross.

That is why Lent is 40 days long and Easter is 50 days long! Our joys are meant to surpass our sufferings and sorrows!

We are an "Eater People" and feasting is an important aspect of Catholic life. It is not sinful to enjoy food and the Church has never been against eating delicious feasts.

So remember, fasting is always followed by a feast and reminds us of an important fact of life: the sufferings of this life are meant to be followed by the joys of Heaven.

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