Thousands Of New Catholics To Be Welcomed By Catholic Church In The United States At Easter Vigil

News from the USCCB
Thousands Of New Catholics To Be Welcomed By Catholic Church In The United States At Easter Vigil - WASHINGTON— A married couple in their golden years, a couple inspired by their late daughter's legacy, and a salesman who heard Jesus' call to conversion on a stranger's porch, are among the thousands who will be welcomed into the Catholic Church on Easter Vigil, April 15, in parishes across the United States. All have participated in the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), a process of conversion and study in the Catholic faith for catechumens and candidates coming into full communion with the Church. Catechumens, who have never been baptized, will receive baptism, confirmation and first Communion at the Holy Saturday Easter Vigil. Candidates, who have already been baptized in another Christian tradition whose baptism is recognized by the Catholic Church, will enter the Church through a profession of faith and reception of confirmation and the Eucharist.....Read More

News from the Pope:
Pope to La Repubblica newspaper: ‘World must stop lords of war’ - (Vatican Radio) Turning to the theme of war and violence, Pope Francis said, “I think today sin is manifested with all its destructive force in war, in different forms of violence and mistreatment, and in the rejection of the most fragile.” He said the last century “was devastated by two deadly world wars and knew the threat of nuclear war and a large number of other conflicts, while today, unfortunately, we are experiencing a terrible world war fought piecemeal.”..Read More
News from the Church:
Egyptian Christians Plan Restrained Easter Services After Attacks 
- After two bomb attacks on worshippers at Coptic Orthodox churches on Palm Sunday, the Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese of Minya has announced it will celebrate Easter without the typical festive accoutrements. The observance of Easter in the Minya Coptic Orthodox Archdiocese will be limited to liturgical services “without any festive manifestations” in respect for the mourning for the nearly 45 Coptic Orthodox faithful who were killed in attacks on Sunday, The Associated Press reported. Two Coptic Orthodox churches were the targets of Islamic State bombings on April 9....Read more