Pastor's Letter, July 16, 2017

We Wisconsinites have a deeper sense of appreciation for summer than our fellow citizens from the South. It is time for vacations, travel, cookouts and family reunions. Since seven of my sibling now live in the La Crosse area, when I’m in La Crosse we always find an excuse to get together, though we sometimes head out to South Dakota, where some of the family now lives. We save money by putting up all the “out of towners” at the homes of those who live in the area. We get some pretty full houses. My parents (now both deceased) had 12 children (two are now deceased), 47 grandchildren, and (at last count) 67 great-grandchildren. Including the spouses of their children and grandchildren, they have over 150 descendants. (When you get this many, who can keep count?!) As the “family priest” it is my pleasant responsibility to preside at a fair number of baptisms and weddings. I don’t bring this up to brag about my family (after all, I am not the cause of this big family, only one of the many happy benefi- ciaries), but to reflect upon the fruitfulness of human love which is possible by God’s Grace. The scripture read- ings of today’s Mass (especially Isaiah and Matthew) speak to us about God’s Word, which potentially “bears fruit and yields a hundred or sixty or thirtyfold.” Is God’s fruitfulness not also demonstrated in the blessings of chil- dren, by which the human family - made in the image of God - grows and develops? Too frequently children are seen merely as burdens, or as a drain on our material resources. Such an attitude is the corrupt fruit of a culture of death. But the Gospel of Jesus is a “Gospel of Life”! I feel tremendously blessed by God to have been born into my family (the eleventh of twelve!). My mother, at her death, had over 120 descendants. What a blessing that she lived to see her “hundredfold” and more!

Many months ago (before I knew of my transfer to SSPP) I had made arrangements for a week vacation in July. Well, this past week, through this Sunday, was that week. My thanks to the visiting priests (Fr. Aaron Becker & Fr. Bill Grevatch) who filled in during my absence.

May God bless you! 

Fr. Schaller 

From Live and Learn and Pass It On, by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. (A compilation of wisdom from people of all ages and walks of life.)
“I’ve learned that I drive faster when a good song comes on the radio.” (Age 22)
“I’ve learned that little children are more work physically, and teenagers are more work emotionally.” (Age 40)
“I’ve learned that you can learn to tap dance at the age of sixty-four.” (Age 65)