Pastor's Letter - October 15, 2017

Since the special covenant between God and His Chosen People Israel (in the Old Testament), and that between Christ and the From the Church (in the New Testament) is regularly likened in the Scriptures to a marital relationship, it should not surprise us that the image of heaven which the Lord presents to us in His parables is of a wedding banquet. The prophet Isaiah (in today’s first reading) describes our existence with God in heaven as “a feast of rich food and choice wines, juicy, rich food and pure, choice wines.” Then, as now, the best of foods are prepared for a wedding banquet. Who could refuse to attend such a feast?! The parable of the Lord indicates that some do refuse. And it isn't sufficient that we simply desire heaven. We must "dress' for the occasion by being clothed in works of charity done in faith. Our life on earth should be a preparation for that heavenly wedding banquet.

I hope you like the looks of our newly sealed and striped parking lot. We have also completed the installation of our new phone equipment. This provides a private voicemail for me and other staff, so that you can now leave secure messages. In addition, our system includes a simpler menu when you call after hours for Mass/confession times or other info. In a few weeks we will put a new roof on the east entrance to the school (parish office entrance). These projects cost money, of course. But I believe it is money well spent. Rather than come to you for a special collection each time some material need arises, I have recommended we make use of the one annual collection already in place: the Diocesan Annual Appeal. Once we meet our target of $48,640, every dollar over that is returned to us for our use. I encourage all our parishioners to support the DAA with a generous gift, according to your means. I have put in the Holy Family Cenacle a poster which tracks our progress in the DAA. Thank you for your generous support And please continue to pray for the success of the Diocesan Annual Appeal in our parish and throughout the diocese.

May God bless you!
Fr. Schaller

From Live and Learn and Pass It On, by H. Jackson Brown, Jr. (A compilation of wisdom from people of all ages and walks of life.)
“I’ve learned that when your phone doesn't ring, you should ring someone else’s.” (Age 35)
“I’ve learned that when you wife simply answers, nothing when you ask her what's wrong, you're in deep trouble.” (Age 37)
“I’ve learned that I get a lump in my throat every time I think of the day when my daughter will marry.” (Age 44) 5