SCRIP News: Our next SCRIP EXPRESS will be the first full weekend of October (7th & 8th) after the 4:30 and 10:00 Masses. $20 Kwik Trip cards will be available to purchase after Mass at all entrances. If you would like a card, simply have $20 ready as you leave church to hand to the volunteer, and they will hand you the Kwik Trip card which can be used for any purchase you normally make at Kwik Trip. An easy way to support our parish, for each card purchased the parish will receive cash back. Other SCRIP gift card options are available in the Holy Family Cenacle at the SCRIP table.

In Honor of Our Lady of Fatima, all are invited to come and pray on the 100th Anniversary of the Miracle of the Sun, Friday, October 13th at St. Phillip Catholic Church, 6957 Grotto Avenue, Rudolph, WI 54475. The rosary will be prayed at 12:00pm. Mass will begin at 12:30pm. Following Mass there will be enrollment in the Brown Scapular Confraternity, the litany of Our Lady of Fatima, and confession. For more information: 715-424-6279;; Facebook/pages/Marian-Center -for-Peace.

A collection box has been established at the NW corner of Calvary Cemetery (near the maintenance shed) for the disposal of American flags. Please remove the stick or shaft from the flag.

Calvary Cemetery Notice Fall clean up will begin on Oct. 17. ALL spring and summer flowers and decorations must be removed BEFORE the 17th of October. Anything left will be removed. The only decorations allowed after that date will be fall and Christmas. If you want what you have out there now, it must be removed before Oct. 17. Thank you for your help keeping the cemetery beautiful. -Calvary Cemetery Sexton