Pastor's Letter - November 19, 2017

One of the hallmarks of the teaching of Jesus is the mercy of God. One only needs to recall the parable of the Prodigal Son to confirm that the Father is a loving and merciful God. And yet, He is a just God. Though always ready to forgive the repentant, God still expects us to be accountable. The parable in today’s Gospel (the parable of the Talents) indicates that a response from us is expected and is necessary. Though God is merciful, He is not indulgent. Like any good Father, He expects something from His children. And our response to Him should not be based on fear (like the lazy servant in the parable), but familial love - like that of a devoted child to- wards his loving father.

Several weeks ago I announced that we will be replacing the Missalettes in the pews with the hardbound Lumen Christi Missal on the 1st Sun- day of Advent. I provided a Q&A sheet to help explain the reasons for this change, and the benefits that it will bring. Printed copies of that Q&A are available in the Holy Family Cenacle (and online on SSPP website). It is most advantageous for us to fund this project through the Diocesan Annual Appeal. And so, I heartily recommend all our parishioners support the DAA with a generous gift, according to your means. If all our members contribute, I know we can exceed our target, and receive a rebate which will be used towards the LCM, and other needs of the parish. As I write this 99 parishioners have given to the Diocesan Annual Appeal, for a total of $32,045 - an average gift of $324. If you have not yet done so, will you make your pledge today? Pledge forms are available in the Holy Family Cenacle, or you can give online at

May God bless you! Fr. Schaller