From the Pastor's Desk - January 28, 2018

The Gospels record much about the life of Christ. Frequently, as in today’s Gospel, the Gospel relates how the Lord spent His time teaching. One of the chief responsibilities of the Bishop is to teach the Faith within his diocese. Not just his ideas or opinions; but the Faith taught by Jesus, handed down by the Apostles, and still taught by the Church today. One of my responsibilities as pastor is to teach the Catholic Faith here at Saints Peter & Paul parish. And finally, parents have the responsibility (and the right!) to teach their own children within the family. The Church has always stressed the primacy of parents as the first and most important teachers of their own children, especially in matters of the Faith. Though some parents may choose to home school their children, most make use of public, private, or Catholic schools. In every case the parents retain the privilege of directing their children’s education. It is proper for parents to have an active interest in how their schools are operated – not only in regards to fiscal responsibility, but especially concerning the content of the curriculum. This applies to all schools: public, private, and Catholic schools. This week the Church celebrates Catholic Schools Week - an occasion to give thanks for all that our Catholic Schools have accomplished, and to re-commit ourselves to excellence in our Catholic Schools. I strongly encourage you who are parents to consider the value of a Catholic School education for your children. Now is an excellent time to explore the opportunities available for your child(ren) at Assumption Catholic Schools. My siblings and I benefitted greatly from our Catholic School experience. (For the record, I attended eight years of Catholic school at Saint Patrick’s in Onalaska, and graduated from Holmen (public) High School, and Marquette University).

My thanks to Fr. Aaron Becker, Fr. Bill Menzel, and Msgr. Robert Hundt for filling in while I’m on vacation! I’ll be back to the parish on Thur., Feb. 1.

May God bless you! Fr. Schaller