Pastor's Letter - January 7, 2018

The Sacred Scriptures recount that the Messiah was seen first by His mother Mary, her husband Joseph, and then by the shepherds. Since the covenant made by God was made with the people of Israel, it was fitting that those to witness with their eyes the fulfillment of that covenant should be of that people. But God’s plan was for the salvation of all mankind, Jews and gentiles alike. The Feast of the Epiphany of the Lord commemorates the manifestation of the Son of God to the gentile world, represented by the wise men from the east. Though the Gospel does not identify them by name or number, tradition fixes their number at three (to match the number of the gifts: gold, frankincense, and myrrh), and has given them the names of Caspar, Melchior, and Balthasar. We have prepared blessed incense and chalk (along with the prayer and a brief history of the tradition of blessing the home for the new year) so that our parishioners may bless their homes on this feast of the Epiphany. In a simple ritual each family can mark the doorway into their home, thereby signifying more clearly that their home is truly a “Domestic Church”. You will find these packets in a basket near the crèche in the front of the church.

I want to express my deep gratitude for the many cards, gifts, and Christmas greetings which I received from you, the generous people of SS Peter & Paul Parish.

May God reward you, and may He bless you with a safe, prosperous, and holy New Year!

May God bless you!

Fr. Schaller