Pastor's Letter - July 15, 2018

This is the time of year—the summer months—when many reunions are held, especially family reunions. (My family always gets together around the 4th of July; Fr. Ruben’s visit last Sunday provided the opportunity for me to go to La Crosse to spend time with family.) And then there are the many high school class reunions that take place during the summer. Several years ago (I guess it’s already been 18 years!), I attended my 25th high school graduation class reunion. It was interesting to see what my classmates have made of themselves. Sometimes you see people who seemed to have had “modest” talents back in school who are now very successful and happy in life. God frequently calls people who seem to have “modest” talents and lays upon them important responsibilities. This is the case for Amos, the prophet from whose book the first reading is taken. Amos acknowledges that he wasn’t born a prophet but was “a shepherd and a dresser of sycamores.” The same is true with the calling of the twelve apostles, whose sending out we read about in today’s Gospel. These were not twelve men known for their great knowledge, wisdom, and learning. They were ordinary men whom the Lord called nonetheless to carry out a great mission. What can we learn from this? We learn that God is not calling the perfect or the well-born. He calls the ordinary person. That means He is calling you and me. And what is He calling us to be? Certainly not all are called to be prophets or apostles. But all are called to be holy, to become saints, with God’s help.

Thank you for your generosity to Fr. Ruben and the Diocese of Romblon in the Philippines. Last week Fr. Ruben asked for your spiritual and financial support for the many needs in his home diocese. If you did not have a chance to make a gift, simply make your check out to SS Peter & Paul, and note in the memo line “Mission”.

May God bless you! Fr. Schaller