Pastor's Letter - November 11, 2018

It should be evident that a pastor’s primary responsibility is the spiritual welfare of his people. He is not a business manager, nor is he a building contractor, though it sure doesn’t hurt to have some of those skills, too! In his care for his people, a pastor must model himself after the Lord Himself, Who taught, healed, reprimanded, comforted, and encouraged the people. Yet, in all His teachings, it may come as a surprise to many, that – of all the things that Jesus spoke about – He talked about money the most. Think about it – the parables of the Prodigal Son, the Talents, the Unforgiving Steward, and many more – all deal with money. And then there is the account in today’s Gospel of the Widow’s Mite. The Church, following the example of the Lord, needs to teach strongly the dangers of the undue attachment to money and material things. It is not that these things are evil in themselves, though they can become a temptation for us to be selfish. Rather, God gives us these things so that we might demonstrate our generosity towards one another. That is why our financial stewardship towards the Church is so important. It fulfills two important Christian ideals: it demonstrates tangibly that one is not attached to material things, and it assists the Church in order to fulfill Her mission. And one doesn’t have to be rich (remember the widow in today’s Gospel). Everyone has the opportunity to be generous.

St. Paul reminds us of the importance of praying for our civil rulers; so it is most appropriate that we pray for all our newly (re-)elected public officials. May God grant them wisdom so that they might provide for the protection of the weakest and promote the common good.

My thanks to Msgr. Robert Hundt who is filling in this weekend while I am in Italy on Pilgrimage. Thanks also to Frs. Bill Menzel and Aaron Becker who are celebrating the weekday Masses during my absence. Be assured of my prayers for you while I visit the many holy sites in Rome and throughout Italy.

May God bless you! Fr. Schaller