Pastor's Letter - November 25, 2018

The Solemnity of Christ the King, which we celebrate today, marks the end of the Liturgical Year. Throughout the year the many mysteries of the Faith are expressed in the liturgy of the Church. It is fitting that at the end of the year (the Church year, not the calendar year) we acknowledge liturgically (in our worship) what we know will happen at the end of time. All the images expressed in the Sacred Scriptures reflect the Kingly role of Jesus when He comes again. From the prophet Daniel we hear how “one like a Son of Man” comes and receives “dominion, glory, and kingship,” and that “His dominion is an everlasting dominion....” Jesus is not simply the “King of the Jews”, as Pilate supposes, since His kingdom is not of this world. Rather, He is truly the “King of kings”. Not just in the future, but right now! Is Jesus the Lord – the King – of your life? The liturgy of the Church provides for us the opportunity to reflect upon that question. May God strengthen you with His Grace to answer with an enthusiastic ‘Yes’!

With this Feast of Christ the King we conclude the Year of Mark (Cycle B) and begin next Sunday with the Year of Luke (Cycle C). In your Lumen Christi Missal you will move your ribbon to the beginning of the book. Among the reasons we purchased the LCM was that its very structure helps us understand the Liturgical Year: we progress Sunday by Sunday through the LCM as we travel through the Liturgical Year, where the various mysteries of our Faith unfold for us. And in this coming year we will see it unfold through the eyes of St. Luke.

With the new Liturgical Year beginning next Sunday, we will be providing for our parishioners a variety of resources to assist your spiritual growth. The Magnificat Advent Companion and The Word Among Us Advent issue offer reflections for each day of Advent, articles, and Advent prayers. You will also receive this week my Advent Letter with a calendar of events: Mass times, expanded confession schedule, and Advent Penance Services at all the area Churches. Have a Holy Advent!

May God bless you! Fr. Schaller