Pastor's Letter - July 14, 2019

“And who is my neighbor?” This is the pointed question that the Scribe (the scholar in the Law) asked Jesus, as recorded by the Gospel of Luke (from today’s Gospel reading). Only Luke preserves for us the Lord’s response, which has ever since been known as the Parable of the Good Samaritan. This teaching of the Lord – when put into practice – is a hallmark of the Christian life: to treat those with whom we come in contact who are in need – physical, moral, or spiritual need – with mercy and compassion. It was the “foreigner”, the Samaritan who acted with mercy and was the true neighbor to the man who was in need. The Lord’s final response to the Scribe He also directs to us: “Go and do likewise.”

Summer is “school free” time for children, and a most appropriate time for family vacations. But it shouldn’t be a time free from God. When traveling I recommend that you check for local Churches and Mass times, or use the MyParish app for your iPhone or Android phones. To help you keep your mind and heart closer to God I recommend listening to Catholic radio. The good thing about radio is that it can go with you: at home, in the car, or on the river. We are blessed to have four Catholic radio stations in our Diocese, with the local Relevant Radio station found at 93.9 on your FM dial. You can also listen online by going to, or downloading the app for your iPhone or Android phone.

May God bless you! Fr. Schaller