Pastor's Letter - July 21, 2019

Today’s Gospel from Luke recounts the familiar story of Mary and Martha, friends of Jesus, who entertain the Lord in their home. This story is often mentioned when there is a discussion about the relationship between an “active” Christian life and the “contemplative” life. Both realities are part of the life of the Church. Certainly we see this in the different missions, or apostolates, of the various religious orders. Some are devoted to prayer and the contemplative life; others to a more active life (teaching, care for the sick, etc.). This does not mean one embraces one reality while neglecting the other. For instance, it would be impossible for an active apostolate to be sustained without a solid prayer life. This is why the young men who are preparing for the diocesan priesthood receive instruction and formation to assist them in developing a deeper prayer life. The need for a balance of prayer and action is important for all the lay faithful as well. Every person needs to develop and maintain a personal relationship with God through Prayer, both individual prayer and communal prayer – like the Mass. This is good in itself, and also as a means to assist us in living an active life of charity.

Last week, I recommended listening to Relevant Radio at 93.9 FM on your radio (or go to to listen online or on Apple or Android apps). I recommend Relevant Radio - and EWTN, and, and the National Catholic Register, etc. - because too many people get their news and information only from secular news services. In no way do I wish to deny the rights – and the benefits – of the secular news media (newspapers, radio, television, and internet). Nevertheless, my own experience is that they almost always get it wrong when dealing with issues involving the Catholic Church. So, don’t stop listening, reading and watching the secular press. But for the sake of the full truth don’t stop there!

May God bless you! Fr. Schaller